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Traders are bringing sacrificial animals through Padma Bridge without extortion and harassments

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Chan Mia Sardar bought cattle from various hats and farms in Shariatpur and sold them in Dhaka for 15 years. He used to take cows to Dhaka in trawlers for three years due to traffic jams, harassment and extortion at the ferry terminal. In that way too, to go to Dhaka, one had to pay at least five places.

However, Chan Miah, a cattle trader from Subchani area of ​​Shariatpur Sadar Upazila, has been released from these sufferings. He said, “This is the first time this year I have reached Dhaka with cows without extortion and harassment. The Padma Bridge has created a lot of opportunities for us.

He is saving time and money to take cows to Dhaka through the much-awaited Padma Bridge. Reduced suffering. No need to pay tribute.

According to the District Livestock Department, there are 12,400 small and large farms in Shariatpur district, in which at least 55,000 cows have been prepared for sacrifice. There are at least 35 cattle markets, big and small, permanent and temporary. Apart from the cows of Shariatpur farmers, farmers from different areas of Madaripur, Barisal and Chandpur sell cows in those hats. Wholesalers buy cows from the hats and sell them at the Korbani cattle market in Dhaka.

Delwar Hossain, a resident of Nalmuri in Gosairhat, took four cows in a pickup van to the Korbani cattle market in Dhaka’s Donia College ground on Wednesday. He told Chandpur Kanthothat it would cost at least Tk 12,000 for a single cow to reach Dhaka every year. The lion’s share of it would go to different places for donations. This year he has sold 6 cows to Dhaka in two trips. Each of them has cost 3 thousand rupees to reach Dhaka. This has been possible because of the Padma Bridge.

Mejbauddin, a cattle trader from Naria’s Nashasan area, told Chandpur Kanthothat he had to wait for two or three days at the ferry terminal at the time of Eid to get the cereal to cross the Padma River. At that time various local syndicates including police, BIWTC had to pay tribute. And this year the picture is completely different. After leaving from Shariatpur, Jatrabari went straight through the toll of Padma bridge. No one stops on the road. There are no obstacles. You can go to the sacrificial animal market without any harassment or harassment. The Padma Bridge has become a blessing in disguise.

Shariatpur Superintendent of Police SM Ashrafuzzaman told Chandpur Kantho that the Padma River was a major obstacle to communication in the area. Various types of extortion rings were active in the ferries. There were allegations of extortion from the sacrificial animals. This year, vehicles carrying cattle are crossing the Padma Bridge. There is no harassment, extortion and obstruction anywhere. Police patrol team is working on the road to maintain traffic management and law and order.

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