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The Train Left Late, the Authorities showed various reasons

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Residents of the capital are returning home by train to celebrate Eid with their families. On the third day of Eid Yatra, seven trains have left late since this morning. Of these, three trains left too late. The railway authorities have given different reasons for the late departure of these trains.

Compared to the last two days, crowds of passengers have been seen on the platforms of Kamalapur railway station in the capital since Thursday morning.

According to Kamalapur station sources, Sundarbans, Nilsagar, Dhumketu, Rangpur Express, Titas Commuter, Ekta Express, Agniveena Express trains are one to two hours late. Most of these trains are going to North Bengal.

Kamalapur station sources said the Chilahati-bound Nilsagar Express train was scheduled to leave at 7.40 am. Many of the passengers waiting on the platform climbed on the roof of the train. At that time, the station authorities took the members of the law enforcement forces off the roof of the train. They were then taken off the roof and allowed to enter the train. To do all this, the train was 2 hours 40 minutes late and left the station at 9:20.

Abu Saleh, a passenger of Nilsagar Express. He is an official of a private organization. He is going to celebrate Eid at his village home in Nilphamari with his wife and three children. Saleh said, ‘I go home on Eid by rail because of the traffic jam on the road. But here too it was too late. I came to Kamalapur in the morning from my home in Mohammadpur. There was no profit. ‘

 The Rajshahi-bound comet is scheduled to leave Kamalapur station at 8am. It leaves the station at 8:10 a.m., 2 hours and 10 minutes late.

The departure time of Rangpur Express train was 9:10 am. The train was delayed by 1 hour and left Kamalapur station at 10:10 am.

The Rangpur Express train was waiting at platform number 1 of the station. Tahmid Hasan, an official of a private company, is going to Rangpur by this train. He is accompanied by his wife and one child. He took a day off from work to go home. Tahmid said in the first light, ‘There is a lot of traffic jam to get on the road. It also costs more. That’s why I go home by train every time. I have been sitting on the train for an hour. The train is late. The joy of Eid begins as soon as the train leaves.

The Sundarbans Express train is scheduled to leave the station at 8.15 am. It left the station 30 minutes late at 9.45 am.

Regarding the delays of some trains, Kamalapur railway station manager Mohammad Masud Sarwar said, “Passenger pressure is increasing in Kamalapur on the occasion of Eid.” Most of the trains except Dhumketu Express have left on time since morning. Some, however, left half an hour, an hour late. The trains that are being delayed are from the north. It cannot be called a disaster. Passengers have to take a little time to get off at the stations to reach the passengers safely. The train from Kamalapur was also delayed as it was late to come from that crossing.

Regarding the delay of the Nilsagar Express train, Mohammad Masood Sarwar said that passengers are being requested not to get on the roof and engine. Passengers are not being allowed to climb on the roof in any way. However, many people climbed on the roof of the Nilsagar train. It is too late to get them down. Passengers need to be more aware of these.

Titus is scheduled to leave the commuter at 9:45 a.m. It leaves the station at 10:15.

The Ekta Express train is scheduled to leave at platform number 7 at 10:10 am. The Ekta Express left Kamalapur around 11:30 pm.

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